About Me

I am a graduate engineer in communications engineering (Dipl. Ing.) and graduated at the Technical University of Munich.

Meanwhile I can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the professional development of embedded systems.

I started my career at Quantec writing firmware for professional audio electronics. In 1992 I moved to Citron GmbH, where I have been at home until August 5th 2019.
Since then I am working as a freelancer making hard- and software developments for companies all around the world.

My core competencies are a quick and deep understanding of customer needs and their translation into products that regularly exceed expectations.

In addition, I offer the following skills:

  • Development of analogue circuits (e.g. sensor amplifiers, DC/DC converters)
  • Development of digital circuits
  • Development of 8-, 16- and 32-Bit microcontroller boards (expecially Microchip and ST, as well as 8051 and derivates)
  • FPGA-design using VHDL
  • 3D-CAD using SolidWorks
  • Printed circuit board design using Altium Designer, Target3000! and KiCAD
  • Firmware and application development using Assembler, C and C++
  • Cross-platform development with the Qt5 framework
  • Driver programming for Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Embedded Linux Systems based on buildroot and Yocto
  • EMC measurement and interference elimination

In my career as a developer and development manager I was responsible for the following products and developments:

  • Infrared Touch Sensors (IRT) (hardware, firmware and driver)
  • Infrared Multi-Touch (dreaMTouch, xtreMTouch; hardware, firmware and driver).
  • Digital image transmission over optical fiber and Cat.5 cables (CGLx, DVXx)
  • Shielded monitors for medical usage (among other things for use directly nearby an MRT)
  • Shielded and sealed monitors for marine use
  • Shielded and sealed monitors for military use

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